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Damcxlar Ji, alias Dan Ji,
flsain of tie temple of Sri-nath at Nathdwara.

Lachhmau Ji, Gosain of temple=Oiandravali Ban Ji GobindBaeJi, Gosain

of Goknl-nath: died-1861,

(living).             of tern pies of Navanifc-

Priya and Sri-nath, at

Kaataiya IAI (adopted son)?                                     Giridhari Ji

grandson of Gosaia Purusliot •
tarn LaL

Immediately opposite Jatipura^ and only parted from it by tie intervening
range, is the liiage of Anyor— literally £ the other side' — with the temple of
Sri-nath on the summit between them. A little distance beyond "both is the
village of Pnchhri, which, as the name denotes, is considered the { extreme
limit * of the Gin-raj.

tiky the month in which most of Krishna's exploits are believed to have
been performed, is the favorite time for the pari-krama^ or £ perambulation* of
the sacred hill The dusty circular road which winds around its base has a length .
of seven kos, that is5 about twelve miles, and is frequently measured by devotees
who at every step prostrate themselves at foil length. When flat on the ground,
they mark a line in the sand as far as their hands can reach3 then rising they
prostrate themselves again from the line so marked, and continue in the same
stvle till the whole weary circuit has "been accomplished. This ceremony, called
Dandavati pan~kramas occupies from a week to a fortnight, and is generally
performed for wealthy sinners vicarionsly by the Brahmans of the place, who
receive from Bs. 50 to Rs. 100 for their trouble and transfer all the merit of
the act to their employers. The ceremony has been performed with a hundred
and eight* prostrations at each step (that being the nnmber of Badha's names
and of the beads in a Yaishnava rosary ), it then occupied some two years, and
was remunerated by a donation of Bs, 1,000.

About the centre of the range stands the town of Gobardhan on the
margin of a very large irregularly shaped masonry tank, called the Manasi

* In Christian mysticism 107 Is as sacred, a namte as 105 in Hindu. Thus toe Empero?
3nBtiniui*s great church of S. Sophia at Comtantmople was supported by 101 colmmiB, the
nmatar of piUan ia the House of Wisdom,